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Hi all,

Alicia and Dave want to thank everyone who participated in our bridal shower yesterday. Special thanks to those who coordinated it–we know how difficult coordinating an event can be!  And thank you to everyone who came out in the middle of a Sunday to watch us open gifts and make fools of ourselves!

It was a very nice shower and, though Alicia was a little under the weather, we both had a really great time seeing friends and family, eating a good breakfast, and of course opening gifts.  Every single gift means a lot to us, both because someone thought of us and because they are for us together for our wedding.  We will remember the shower always.

So, now things are heating up on the way to the Big Event.  February 25th is coming up fast and we’re finalizing everything now.  If you have questions about what’s going to happen on that day, please email Dave at dfallon23@yahoo.com or give him a call and he will let you know.

Hope everyone had a great holiday season and is ready to make 2012 an awesome year!

Alicia and Dave


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Tux and Gowns!   Leave a comment

We’ve picked the bridesmaids’ dresses and the tuxes for the wedding!  The bridesmaid dress comes from David’s Bridal and is cornflower blue.  The tux comes from Men’s Warehouse. We chose the most reasonable (price wise) that we could, knowing that the economy isn’t all that good right now.  We’re incredibly excited that we’re one step closer to being ready for the wedding!

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Lots of news!  Alicia went to a meeting with our wedding coordinator yesterday (8/6/11) and rounded out many of the details.  We’re going to have a buffet-style dinner at the Radisson, serving Heritage Chicken and marinated steak tips, along with some other goodies.  We’re expecting guests to arrive after the ceremony at the church around 6:15.  6:30 through 7:30 will be cocktail hour, then at 7:30 we should be ready to let people into the ballroom for the main reception.  We’ve put a lot of thought and time into decorations and flowers, so we hope you’re impressed!

In other news, we started the process of getting registered today.  We spent some time at Target scanning in some items that we need. If you are interested in seeing what we have so far, please go to www.Target.com, then select Gift Registries + List at the top.  Then go to Club Wed and look up Alicia Guild in Massachusetts and our list should come up. Don’t like Target?  Don’t worry, we plan to register at Macy’s as well (we’ll probably do that next weekend).  Once we’re registered there, we’ll update you here!

That’s all we have for you now.  Alicia is currently working with her bridesmaids to get the dresses picked out, and we should have the tux styles picked soon too.  Leave us a comment or email us if you have any questions!


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Invitations   2 comments

We recently sent out letters to let everyone know about our website and a few people apparently thought that the letters were our invitations.  They’re not!  We’re working on the actual invitations which will go out in December.  We appreciate all the feedback we’ve gotten on the website!

In other news, we’ve booked our honeymoon!  It will be at the Harbor Resort in the Bahamas (Paradise Island).  We’re very excited over the trip (almost as excited as we are about the wedding itself!) and plan to take lots of pictures.  Let us know if you’ve been to the Bahamas and any advice you have while we’re there.

That’s all the news right now.  Thanks for your comments!

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A few weeks later…   1 comment

It’s been a few weeks since we last posted.  As we said before, the posts will probably be fairly few and far between at first since it’s so long until our wedding.  However, we wanted to give a quick update.  Dave is working on the website trying to put a button up for accommodations.  Of course, if you’re interested in accommodations, you can either go here, or write an email to Dave at dfallon23@yahoo.com.

We say he’s “trying to” put the button up because he’s run into some trouble (Dave: darn HTML!).  Don’t worry, though!  He’ll get it eventually!

May has been an extremely busy month work-wise for both Dave and Alicia, but we’re keeping our heads above water.  Look out for another post probably early June when things are a little better (hopefully!).  Otherwise, hope everyone’s spring is going well!

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Accommodations   1 comment

Hi all,

We finally put up the accommodation page on our website! (Dave: I hope I spelled that right… This time…) We also got our proofs back for the invitations.  Alicia had some minor changes to make, but otherwise we’re very happy with them and hope you will be too.  You can check out the vendors page on our website for more information about where we got the invitations and other stuff.  One final piece of news is we booked the limo service with Grace Limousine.

Alicia has made up some fancy invitations to the website that we plan to send out on Monday.  If you have any comments, suggestions, or critiques of our website, please let Dave know so he can fix things!


Alicia and Dave

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Oh, and by the way…   1 comment

Alicia wanted us to say that the church dilemma has been repaired and we are set for the date in question.  We’re working on a countdown mechanism for our website too.  Lots going on.  Thank goodness it’s Friday tomorrow!

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